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Whisky in Campbeltown Region of Scotland

Campbeltown is famous for Springbank Single Malt Whisky, but used to be one of the hottest patches of whisky producing in Scotland. But as times went on most of the distilleries have closed, but is still regarded a very important part in the history of whisky production in Scotland and deservers to be mentioned as a location by itself. With only three distilleries on the map of Campbeltown it is now a small part of the whisky industry, but may would say it still a very important part surely just because of the history it has brought to the whisky industry of Scotland and in times gone by was really the whisky capital of Scotland.

When you think of whisky you tend to think about the Scottish Highlands and Speyside regions of Scotland and Campbeltown is probably the least recognised area with the smallest area on the whisky map of Scotland. At present there are only three working distilleries within the area and these are Springbank, Glen Scotia and Glengyle . More can be read regarding these three distilleries within the Scottish Distilleries section on this site.

Years gone by Campbeltown was the heart of the whisky industry in Scotland with more than 30 active distilleries all producing whisky of the highest quality. Campbeltown was an ideal location in the 19th century for the production of whisky as it was easy to export the casks and bottles by steam ship. These ships mainly went up the Clyde to Glasgow, down to London and across the Atlantic Ocean to America. All these placed demanded thousands of bottles of Scotch to meet demand. But during the 20th century there were far to much production of whisky and everything went down hill fast with distillery closing because simply there was not the demand of that amount of whisky. One of the reasons for this is the America ban of selling alcohol at the beginning of this period.

Present days the whisky that is produced in Campbeltown is still top quality whisky with the three distilleries producing a large range of single malts. Below is a google map of the Campbeltown area. On it you will see the location of the whisky distilleries.

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If you are thinking about visiting Campbeltown there is a section on this site dedicated to accommodation in Campbeltown. Here you will be about to view local hotels and bed and breakfast where you can stay while your visiting the three distillerys. If you would like to view Accommodation in Campbeltown just click on the link.

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